Some interesting facts about card games apps

Cards games have been invented long time ago, in Imperial China in the 9th century. In all times people tried to improve the process of playing cards games so that the game would become even more interesting or acceptable among some groups of people (for example, religious groups). In 1906 rook card game was introduced to provide an alternative to standard playing cards for those in the Puritan tradition.

Many centuries have passed and the essence of playing card games has been changed. With the expansion of technologies, you can play card games almost everywhere without being noticed. You can download card games on your computer, IOS devices, or simply play card games online. Online card game has its advantages: one can challenge the players from all over the world! You can even take part in the card game war! The amount of money doesn't play any role - play card games online free or get free downloadable card games! While surfing the internet, you may find even war and strategy games of cards! Everything is for your enjoyment! There are also rpg card games, fantasy card games online and so on.

Such games, as CCG (Collectible Card Game) and TCG (Trading Card Game) are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. You can play collectible card games online free or download CCG free.

But how to choose the best free download collectible card games or online free trading card games from the wide range of possible variants? Let's try to sort it out. Firstly, good app card games should be easy to download and update. Secondly, talking about free online collectible card games, it's very important for such card games apps to posses the balanced ratio of quality and timely support.

So, you already know the main criteria, and start looking for an exciting collectible game card app. Definitely, you will find Leap of Faith. Why play Leap of Faith? What kind of cards game is it?

LoF is a cards war game (integer war card game) or, in other words, card battler, where you are not limited by means of money, it's a free collectible card game, moreover, it's one of the best online collectible card games. Playing war card game is always exciting, 'cause it's not just a dull usual card game with ordinary rules. Collect battle cards, improve them and decide the outcome of the card games war.

LoF is a card battle anime, rpg card game online, where players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Game cards (battle cards) can be evolved, enhanced, sold or bought – do whatever to become the champion of online trading card games! Assemble your squad, play collectible card game online free with your friends!

What makes LoF different from other online war card games or online collectible card games, such as Rage of Bahamut, Legend of the Cryptids, Marvel War Heroes? It's one of those card strategy games, where the fabulous design is combined with easy-to-play card battles, so you can both relax and fully enjoy the game! If you still doubt, whether to play this free online collectible card game or not, or start looking for another free CCG, remember, there are no better free collectible cards games online, than Leap of Faith!